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Welcome to Bluerock Valley Farm! We are the 4th generation of Shores to farm here in Washington Boro, PA. We are a 88 acre farm that is in the process of transitioning from row crops to a pasture-based model. Our vision is to manage our animals and land in a way that mimics nature. Our animals will be rotated onto fresh pasture and will not be feed antibiotics, growth hormones, or GMO feed. This will result in nutrient dense food and a diverse poly-culture on our farm. We encourage our customers to get to know us and where their food comes from!  For more on our farm, check out our featured blog on our history.

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We are building to be able to provide pastured-based, nutritionally dense foods using methods that try to mimic nature. We are not there yet, as transitioning from crops to pasture takes time. Please sign up for a free account and stay tuned for updates...

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Our Philosophies


To operate a diverse, sustainable, multi-generational, profitable farm in a way that mimics nature.  It will support several families while being good stewards of the land, animals, and resources we've been given.  

Stewardship Of The Land

We believe in being good stewards of the land we've been given.  Since no one is making any more of it, it is our charge to leave the land healthy, vibrant, and teeming with life.  The use of animals and management of its water is integral in improving soil health and carrying capacity.  

Stewardship Of Our Animals

We believe in taking care of our animals and allowing them to do what they were created to do.  Animal stress has been linked to its health and overall well-being, so we examine each of our methods and techniques and select those that put the least amount of stress on our animals.  


We believe in order to have a farm that is sustainable, it needs to be: profitable, diverse, low-input, multi-generational (family-oriented), perennial based, and have a vision.  

Honor Our Creator

Whether you believe in God or not, we believe in being a part of something greater than yourself.  For us, that's serving our Savior.  We don't look down on those who believe differently than we do, but hope that the lives we live speak volumes to the one we serve.  


We believe it should not be a hassle to get healthy food for your family.  So we are in the process of offering multiple purchasing options.  We will start with an on-farm store in the near future, followed by home deliveries, and then offer multiple locations for local pick-ups.  Stay tuned!!!